Under the leadership and guidance of Anurag Verma Founder & CEO of Tikka Express Group. I have spent more than 11 years in the standalone QSR industry and a pioneer in the QSR category establishing extremely strong USP’s. Indian cuisine has come from other parts of the world but taken roots in india. Indian food is a perfect blend of herbs & spices which gives soothing taste and texture to the food.

At Tikka Express you will find the perfect taste and blend every time. All dishes are prepared in original and authenticate form by our well trained staff. Tikka Express staff is filled with enthusiasm, style and passion.Breads, meats, fish and poultry are cooked in north west Indian style, and once you are in Tikka Express you cannot leave without tasting our rolls, curries & kababs. We use high quality & quantity of meats in all our non vegetarian preparation.