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Uncle Tom’s Hotdogs is a region based franchising company which started in 2010 in New Delhi. Our franchises are located in South Delhi & Chandigarh. We plan continued growth and would like to expand into the surrounding states. We keep things simple. This allows people to start their own franchise business at a very affordable price. The opportunity of owning your own business and having name recognition of a franchise is huge. The start up cost is usually between 5 – 10 lacs depending on the location and it’s needs. As always in business the location is key. An optimal location is one with concentrated traffic and high visibility. We will help you find the perfect location, and we will be there throughout the entire process. We will always support our franchises.

At Uncle Tom’s we provide a unique franchise opportunity to individuals looking to start their own business. We feel it necessary to help manage the costs of startup in order to insure a successful business. Most hard working people do not qualify for major Franchises because of their outrageous financial requirements often requiring lacs of Rupees in assets and cash, in addition to their inflated franchise fee also reaching into the hundreds of thousands. Our extremely low franchise fee and startup costs are some of the many reasons why Uncle Tom’s franchise is so desirable. Our #1 goal is to keep your startup and operational costs as low as possible while helping you generate the highest possible sales. The ease of operation and low overhead required to operate a Uncle Tom’s coupled with a unique concept and aggressive marketing campaign offers great profit potential even in a challenged economy.

A word about the Promoters I, Kunal Wadhwa am a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. At present I am devoting my entire time, energy and resources towards this endeavor. Anurag Verma an enthusiast entrepreneur having backed up with 15 years of experience in F&B particularly in QSR, Kiosk formats will be looking after the company’s operations, new business development & expansion national & international.

Franchise Model :

Model 1 : Take away with small seating of 3-4 people, area required 200-500 sq. ft., investment of upto 12 lacs including franchise fee.

Model 2 : Take away with bigger seating of 10-15 people, area required 300-500 sq. ft., investment of upto 17 lacs including franchise fee.

Model 3 : Take away with bigger seating of 30-35 people, area required 600-1000 sq. ft., investment of upto 27 lacs including franchise fee.


Key benefits of Uncle Toms FranchiseFranchisee features
Key benefits of Uncle Toms Franchise
  • Low investment
  • 12-14 months return on investment
  • High margins
  • Good brand
  • Low food cost of 40 -45 % including staff food, gas & coal
  • No monthly royalty
  • Consistent & quality food as all the key raw material like marinations and gravies supplied to franchisee by the franchisor.
  • Efficient food & beverage control system
  • Fully computerized billing & management system
  • Privilege card system
Franchisee features

The investment mentioned above includes all civil work,interiors, kitchen equipment, ac, computer & franchise fees. In the above mentioned models the franchise fee is as follows

Model 1 : 3.0 lacs

Model 2 : 3.5 lacs

Model 3 : 5.0 lacs

For more details, visit at http://uncletoms.in


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