Tikka Express offers quick service North Indian Food with quality ingredients, consistent flavors, and incredible value for money. Creating a terrific dining experience that raises the bar on Indian fast food.
Tikka Express is a quick service offering economically priced and is tremendous value for money. The quality and consistency in standards that has been sustained over period of years is available as a quick eating option.
We are always looking for people who can help us in satisfying the enormous craving that exist for high quality Indian food. The Tikka Express family is growing and there is always a room for more in Tikka-Express family. We believe that we can reach and satisfy more customers and expand into markets and achieve the goal of continued growth by consistently delivering outstanding value to our customers.

Advantages of Tikka Express Franchise :

Low Initial Investment : The cost to open Tikka Express is as low as 15 Lacs.
Ease of Operation : With Com missionary support and proven franchisee training and support system. The Tikka Express concept offers simplicity.
Universal Popularity : Across all ages and sections Indian food is in demand.
Marketed aggressively with franchise involvement : The Tikka Express Franchise system provides all the information you need to operate this business.
Customer value & Appeal : Tikka Express is based on – Deliver Superior quality, Great value for money, Clean & hygienic outlets, Fast & friendly staff.

Franchise Model :

Model 1 : Take away with small seating of 3 – 4 people, area required up to 300 sft, investment of 15 lacs including franchise fee of 3.5 lacs

Model 2 : Take away with bigger seating of 15 – 20 people area required up to 500 sft, investment of 20 lacs including franchise fee of 4 lacs

Model 3 : Restaurant with 35 – 40 seats, area required 700 sft, investment of 25 lacs including franchise fee of 5 lacs


Key benefits of Tikka Express franchiseFranchisee features
Key benefits of Tikka Express franchise
  • Low investment
  • 12-14 months return on investment
  • High margins net 25 – 30 % after all expenses
  • Good brand
  • Low food cost of 40 -45 % including staff food, gas & coal
  • No monthly royalty
  • Consistent & quality food as all the key raw material like marinations and gravies supplied to franchisee by the franchisor.
  • Efficient food & beverage control system
  • Fully computerized billing & management system
  • Privilege card system
Franchisee features

The investment mentioned above includes all civil work,interiors, kitchen equipment, ac, computer & franchise fees. In the above mentioned models the franchise fee is as follows

Model 1 : 3.5 lacs

Model 2 : 4.0 lacs

Model 3 : 5.0 lacs


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